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Mount Si High School
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Snoqualmie, WA 98065
(425) 831-8100
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Mount Si High School Wildcat Football

Off-Season Training

Wildcat Football families,

We want you to be aware of all the different off-season training opportunities that exist for Wildcat football players that are interested in continuing to develop their football abilities. During the winter & spring high school sports seasons (Nov through May), high school football coaches are not allowed to hold organized football practices. Therefore, the Booster Club helps to organize workouts for football players that are interested in training during the off-season.

The Wildcat Football Booster Club works to offset the costs of its off-season activities. Any player that needs financial help simply needs to download the financial assistance form off the football website (“Forms” section) and turn it in to any of the booster club executive officers.

As additional details are worked out, we will post all information on the football booster club website. DOWNLOAD SIGNUP AND RELEASE FORMS BELOW

Football Off-Season Training FAQ
Why are there off-season training opportunities for football players?
Varsity Football is an extremely competitive and physical game. Training helps players to develop physical strength, coordination, stamina, and sport specific skills so that they are able to compete. Most importantly, off-season training is the best way to prevent injuries. Adding strength, muscle mass, endurance and agility are critical to an athlete’s ability to compete at the highest level.
Are off-season workouts mandatory?
No. First, many athletes participate in other high school sports or on select/club teams that already train during the winter. Mount Si Football supports players that play multiple sports, as this often provides players with a break from one sport and it helps them utilize different muscle groups. This can help prevent repetitive motion injuries and reduces burn-out. For players that aren’t involved in other sports, off-season workouts provide a structured, supervised, and fundamentally sound training regimen.
Why is the weight room such a big deal with football?
Participation in a structured strength training program is essential for football players to compete at their highest level. Regular participation helps players develop strength, explosiveness and muscle mass to protect against injury.
What benefit does speed camp provide to football players?
Wildcat Speed Camps provides benefits to any athlete that participates, not just football players. Speed camps help players to develop stamina, core strength, agility, and quickness. Additionally, speed camp helps athletes to maintain their quickness while they are developing physically and adding weight on their frame.
Why the emphasis on “competition” throughout the football program and all of Varsity athletics?
High school and varsity athletics are part of the bridge to adulthood, where competition is a part of everyday life (from college admission to getting a job, making a sale or earning a promotion). In varsity athletics, players are no longer participating on age based or recreational teams. Every sports team has limited playing spots available and players must now compete against athletes from all four grades for a position. In most instances, younger athletes are going to be at a significant physical disadvantage against older athletes. There will always be those few athletes that are more physically developed at an earlier age, but eventually every athlete will hit their growth spurt. Athletes who develop a strong work ethic can overtake their “early bird” peers by their junior or senior year of high school.
It is also important to note that when compared with other sports like basketball, soccer and baseball, football has the advantages of being a “no-cut” sport. It is also the sport for which the most athletes participate and it also has the most number of teams (fresh, soph, JV and Varsity). With four teams, it has the most number of positions to fill (offense, defense and 6 different special teams – each with 11 spots).
At the end of the day, parents and players must recognize that team sports involve many participants. In order for a team to succeed, it is up to every member to do their job to the best of their ability. If a coach puts a player in a position that they are ill-prepared or unable to perform, it has a negative consequence on the ENTIRE TEAM.
The reality is that there are immense benefits for every football player IRRESPECTIVE of playing time or the position that they play. Selflessness, self-awareness, a strong work ethic, discipline, dedication, being long term goal oriented, maintaining good academic standing and staying physically fit are just a few of the benefits of being a Mount Si Football player.
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