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Mount Si High School
8651 Meadowbrook Way SE
Snoqualmie, WA 98065
(425) 831-8100
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Snoqualmie Valley Public Schools Website


2017 Wildcat Football Booster Club Roster
    (Click Here To Download Booster Club Meeting Minutes and General Business Documents - Archives)
Dear Mount Si Football Supporter,
The 2016 football season promises to be filled with action packed excitement as we rally around the time honored tradition of “Football Night in the Valley” at Mt Si High School. I want to welcome you to the Mount Si Football and invite you to enjoy the excitement of watching our young men and women pursue excellence and achieve personal greatness as they challenge themselves through football, cheer, dance squad and pep band with the hopes of reaching the 2016 season playoffs. Our stadium boasts one of the highest rated venues in the region for watching sports competitions, and offers you a chance to be part of the action.  
The Mt Si Football Booster program is committed to supporting all of our young men and women in sports, academics and reaching their personal goals of being the best they can be in represent Mt Si High School both on and off the field of competition. Our mission: 
“To promote the highest level of achievement for Mount Si Football by providing fundraising, volunteer support, communications, and by fostering fellowship between coaches, players, their families and the community at large.”
We are committed to promoting Excellence – Unity – Hope – Football!
  • Excellence – Commitment to leadership, academics, training and service
  • Unity – Creating an identity which unites our community
  • Hope – The 4 E’s: Excitement, Equipment, Environment, Encouragement
  • Football – Safety, celebrate the sport and winning, and equipping for the future …
We invite you to get involved in the 2016 season, take action in whatever capacity you can, and most importantly have an impact on our players, coaches, community and all our supporting staff as they pursue excellence during the 2016 football season!
Gus Apostol
President, Mt Si Football Booster Club

   2017 Wildcat Football Booster Club Roster

Area Category Sub-category Name Email
President   Gus Apostol
Vice President   Rob Kamp
Treasurer   Chuck Weidenbach
Secretary   Tammy Frederick
Director of Operations   Kelly Macko
Director of Finance   Dave Nye
Head Football Coach   Charlie Kinnune
Class Representative Senior class  Meg Bonda
Class Representative Junior class Karen Collins
Class Representative Sophomore class Sharma Bostwick
Class Representative Freshman class Michelle Brucchieri
Calendar   Sharma Bostwick
Newsletter   Karen Collins
Season Program   Gregg Bonda
Social Media   Sharma Bostwick
Website   Dave Snead
Video Coordinator Jean Hillel  
Photography   Curt Carlson  
Photography   Miki Halvorson  
Social Media Tech   Dave Snead  
Social Media Tech   Doug Garnes
Sponsorships   Dave Nye  
Wildcat Tailgate Auction   Meg Bonda
Wildcat Tailgate Auction   Miki Halvorson  
Wildcat Tailgate Auction   Sherry Clem
Wildcat Tailgate Auction   Sharma Bostwick
Discount Cards   Michelle Schlichting  
Concessions Coordinator Stacey Cepeda  
Concessions Procurement Jenny Dalgleish  
Concessions   Brian Richards  
Merchandising   Jill Nye
Merchandising   Michelle Brucchieri
Scarlet & Gray Club Coordinator Kelly Macko  
Scarlet & Gray Club   Kara Botten
Scarlet & Gray Club   Anne Steadman
Scarlet & Gray Club   Rochelle Strunk
Scarlet & Gray Club   Ellen Rowan
Scarlet & Gray Club   Ryan Bell  
TBD   Kristen Mullins
TBD   Doug Garnes  
TBD   Rochelle Strunk  
Charity Susan Komen Walk for Cancer Joan Lutz  
Charity Susan Komen Walk for Cancer Jill Nye  
Charity Mt Si Foodbank    
Programs & Events        
Clearance Assistant   Jill Nye  
Roster Manager   Jill Nye  
Float Volunteer JV/V      
Float Volunteer Freshman      
Scarlet & Gray Game   Tod Botten  
Senior Night      
Senior Night   Sherry Clem  
Senior Night   Miki Halvorson  
End of Season Banquet   Sherry Clem  
End of Season Banquet   Sharma Bostwick
Camps Speed camp    
Camps Weight lifting camp Charlie Kinnune  
Camps Gervis Skills Camp Sharma Bostwick  
Academic Assistance   Stacey Cepeda  
Team Dinners   Meg Monda  
Team Dinners   Miki Halvorson  
Team Dinners   Sherry Clem  
Team Dinners   Michele Millen  
Team Dinners   Jennifer Richards  
Team Dinners   Sharma Bostwick
Yard Signs      
Game Day Signs      
   2017 Summary of Booster Club Activities
   2015-2016 Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) Manual
    Corporate Matching Funds Programs
Does your company providing matching funds for your donations of cash or your time to non-profits? If so, you can help the Wildcat Football Booster Club achieve its goal of contributing support to the Mount Si Football program.
Companies such as Microsoft, Costco, IBM, Boeing and others have established processes for employees that contribute to a 501(c)3 to have their contributions matched. In addition, the United Way allows for contributions to be directed to non-profits like Wildcat Football Booster Club. Please inquire about this additional way that you can support our efforts. Often it requires you to provide us with a form that we sign to confirm your time or cash donation.
If you are going to be requesting matching funds for your donation of money or volunteer time, we ask for you to let us know. Please email our Wildcat Football Booster Club contact link at

Microsoft Matching Program: Funds donated to the Wildcat Football Booster Club qualify for the program at Microsoft. It's an easy, on-line process to get this in place for your contributions (go to //Give on the Microsoft network).

Microsoft Volunteer Time Match Eligibility: Full-time employees in the U.S., Microsoft are eligible to request a match for volunteer time with a $17 per volunteer hour donation. You may record any of your volunteer hours via the //Give Microsoft website. After you've reached 10 eligible volunteer hours for Wildcat Football Booster Club, you may submit a time matching request. Time Match requests must be submitted within 12 months of the start date of your volunteer activity.

Boeing Gift and Volunteer Match Programs
Boeing offers matching programs for employees to increase their positive community impact through charitable donations, volunteer hours and participation in fundraising walks. The three match programs can be used alone or in combination for a maximum match of $6,000 per employee per year to eligible organizations. Wildcat Booster Club is on the list of eligible 501 (c) 3’s. Donors can designate monies to any Mount Si club or sports programs, so it is important to let us know that you are making donations so that can be appropriately allocated.

Costco Matching Program: This program is designed to match contributions by select full time salaried employees. The maximum amount of the match varies from $1,000 to $10,000 annually per employee. Forms are available on the company intranet.

United Way: Employees whose companies participate in United Way community giving have the ability to designate funds to specific 501(c)3’s. Funds can be dedicated directly to Wildcat Football Booster Club.

Other: Don't see your company shown? Many companies in the greater Puget Sound area match donations to non- profits. Contact Us and we will work to help you get things set up with your HR department and giving program.
We are: Wildcat Football Booster Club - PO Box 412 - Snoqualmie, WA 98065 - 501(c)3 Tax ID # 31-1663016
BOOSTER CLUB BUSINESS ARCHIVES - (Available For Download Below)
Number Date Description (Click On Title To Download)
1 05.2010   Incoming Freshman (Class of 2014) Parent Meeting Minutes
2 06.2010   Special Session Booster Club Meeting Minutes
3 11.2010
  Booster Club Meeting Minutes
4 12.2010   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
5 02.2011   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
6 03.2011   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
7 05.2011   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
8 05.2011 Our individual sponsorship program (Scarlet & Gray Club) that has been expanded & enhanced for 2011. The corporate sponsorship program is done in a similar fashion and it is detailed in the pages.
9 05.2011 Our strategic plan that has been developed over the last 5 months and that we are in the process of implementing.
10 08.2011   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
11 10.2011   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
12 09.13.2011   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
13 10.17.2011   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
14 01.09.2012   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
15 04.11.2012   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
16 05.23.2012   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
17 01.09.2013   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
18 02.06.2013   2013 Budget Summary (Available upon request)
19 02.06.2013   2013 Budget (Available upon request)
20 02.13.2013   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
21 03.13.2013   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
22 04.28.2013   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
23 05.22.2013   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
24 02.26.2014   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
25 07.16.2014   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
26 09.23.2014   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
27 10.21.2014   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
28 01.15.2015   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
29 01.18.2016   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
30 02.24.2016   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
31 03.16.2016   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
32 04.20.2016   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
33 05.18.2016   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
34 06.15.2016   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
35 07.20.2016   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
36 08.15.2016   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
37 09.20.2016   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
38 10.18.2016   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
39 11.15.2016   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
40 01.18.2017   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
41 02.15.2017   Booster Club Meeting Minutes
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